Thursday, February 10, 2011

rehab: record albums

Looking for an oh so simple and cheap cheap way to revamp a room? Here it is... framed record albums. This is why I love them... they make a bold statement, cost less than a buck (if you don't already have some collecting dust in the attic), stand alone on a wall, and are super easy to hang. I use these from IKEA in lieu of frames made specifically for records because they have a great thick mat and frame. The size is perfect for a record... just use masking tape to adhere it to the back of the mat. 

The decorating trick is not to pick your favorite artist, but rather focus on the album art. When sifting through albums at a thrift store (which can be exhausting, I know), try this... pull out the first album that really catches your eye. Then quickly flip through the rest of the bin focusing only on the color palette of the first record you chose (orange and green, orange and green, orange and green). A rehab mantra, if you will. If you're framing more than one on a wall, they need not be matchy, but there should be a common thread.

How about displaying record albums on a wall shelf or magazine rack like these from cb2? They'd look especially interesting mixed in with other art and objects...

This goes out to Mya who is in the, shall we call it, "conceptual" or "visionary" stage of decorating her new living room and will be guest blogging about it on boho modern in the not too distant future.

image credits: 5 one thirty bpm 6 bcanderson 7 livingetc  8 Daniel T Jones 9 When You Awake

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