Tuesday, February 1, 2011

mixology: pink and red

I had a dream (this is no MLK moment; don't get too excited) that I walked into a boutique and fell in love with the pink and red decor. I don't think this store actually exists, though I suppose it was somewhere between Ted Baker and Anthropologie... clothes hanging in gorgeous high gloss, clean line, fuchsia cabinets with red wood accents throughout. 

At first thought, combining pink and red sounds like a complete mess, I know. But done right, it adds a wow factor and a giddy happiness that just can't be found elsewhere. 

Okay, confession... after looking back at our photos from Ted Baker in Las Vegas, my dream may have been closer to Ted Baker and less original than I thought. This gives me an excuse, though, to tell you that Ted Baker sometimes serves martinis while you shop... which is awesome. 

image credits: 1 designlovefest 2, 3, 6, 7 Decor Pad 4 casasugar 5 Belle Maison

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