Saturday, January 22, 2011

thrifted: orange lamp

Exiting through the front door of my building, I literally ran into this gem. I may or may not have actually gone running after all of the stairs I had to climb to go back for money, but that's besides the point. Ten bucks later, it was mine all mine. Sans a shade. I wasn't sure how to work it in so naturally, I redecorated. Note that all it took was the lamp, fabric, frames, and a duvet cover. No new furniture necessary. 

Here's the lamp as purchased at the garage sale downstairs. Sort of reminds me of this lamp which I adore from my idol, Jonathan Adler. 

And here's the lamp amidst the new decor. I bought the shade online and love the way it turned out. I am a huge orange and green fan, so I decided to make these reversible euro sham covers using fabric from Joanne's to sit next to the lamp. It's all about the orange lamp, my friends.

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